SCG, Cotto, Mariwasa at Worldbex 2013

SCG, COTTO, Mariwasa team up at Worldbex 2013 as it expands its product portfolio with innovative building materials to better respond to the changing demands of Filipino consumers. These will enhance the comfort of living of Filipinos toward higher quality, unique and innovative designs with fast and convenient installation.

SCG, Cotto, Mariwasa joined in Asia’s most attended construction exposition, Worldbex 2013 at the World Trade Center Manila last March 13 – 17, 2013. This brought to the frontline the Group’s home-building innovations under the product brands SCG, COTTO, and Mariwasa. It showcased ‘innovative system solutions’ for all homeowners with a full package of products, consultancy and installation services for ease and convenience.

For this year’s Worldbex, SCG comes up with the booth concept “SCG Innovative Solutions Live!” – A more interesting and outstanding compared to SCG’s booths in the previous years. It is a new way of booth presentation at the Worldbex since it allows visitors to more closely experience its innovative products and systems.

They had a Innovative Showcase highlighting the superior performance and trendy designs of SCG, COTTO, and Mariwasa’s building materials. The 180-square meter exhibit’s highlight a Live! Demoa first-ever live installation demonstration at Worldbex—where SCG, COTTO and Mariwasa’s professional technical team showed how their products and systems, which include roof, ceiling and wall, floor, ceramic tiles, and sanitary ware and fittings, can be easily and quickly installed. The live demos also provided creative solutions and design inspirations ideal for building and renovation projects.

Worldbex visitors also enjoyed SCG’s “Share My Dream Home” corner, which allowed guests to explore and capture the image of their “dream home” with Kinect Camera technology—from modern to contemporary, and from classic to natural style—and show how it can be fulfilled by SCG products.

SCG products featured are roofing and accessories, thermal and acoustic insulations, fiber-cement boards and fiber-cement wood substitutes. SCG Roof System consists of roof tile and accessories in a wide variety of materials and designs providing state-of-the-art beauty. These are also well-designed with both curves and colors to serve every customer’s taste and style. SCG Smartboard, made of special cellulose fibers, is a smooth-surfaced, asbestos-free cement board ideal for ceilings, wall sidings and floor applications, while SCG Smartwood is a fiber-cement wood substitute option, offering the beauty of natural wood while providing superior strength and durability of cement.

Also showcased at Worldbex are new innovations that will entice property owners, developers, and designers to redecorate their homes with products from COTTO and Mariwasa. The Aqua-Twins faucet, a filtered kitchen faucet that combines the kitchen and drink functions of water into one, by COTTO will be on display. Mariwasa’s line of expertly-made tiles with anti-slip technology and scratch-free features will pique the interest of most home developers.

For updates and more information on the Live! Demo schedule, visit Mariwasa Siam Ceramics on

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There are three product brands under the Group, which are SCG, COTTO and Mariwasa – each delivering differentiated innovative solutions and state-of-the-art building materials fit for every lifestyle.  Always keeping its promise to deliver cutting-edge products to consumers, Mariwasa, COTTO and SCG’s innovative products include:

·         Roofing and accessories.  As the ‘roofing expert’, SCG offers total roofing solutions with its wide range of reliable, functional and innovative concrete and roof tiles, roofing component systems and fittings, as well as heat protection and anti-leak accessories. SCG’s sub-brand CPAC Monier also offers aesthetically appealing with its wide selection of colored and textured roof tiles to complement various architectural forms and designs.

·         Finishing. The brands under SCG offers a wide range of finishing products, such as ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, fittings, kitchen, tile adhesive and grout. Among its latest innovations are COTTO’s Foresto Series, which are wooden-designed homogenous tiles with vivid, high-definition pine bark texture and patterns. These patterns are transferred onto the titles with COTTO’s advanced touchable 3D Printing Technology.

·         Similarly, Mariwasa offers cutting edge technology with their Techno-Bliss Tile Collection. As the latest innovation from Mariwasa, this offers design edge and functionality with its scratch-free and safety tile features. Made of modern celadon tiles, this is also stain-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, and will last longer than ordinary floor tiles.

·         For sanitary wares, COTTO is offering a new 2-in-1 kitchen faucet – the Aqua Twins Faucet. It features two water functions – tap water for washing, and filtered water for drinking. Its attractive and minimalist design offers the convenience of the combined water functions with its unique shape and well positioned taps.

·         Building Materials. SCG provides reliable, innovative and high quality building materials for ceiling and wall, glass blocks and doors, which include fiber cement boards, wood substitutes and insulation. Among its innovations is the SCG Smartboard, which is a smooth surfaced, asbestos free cement board ideal for ceilings, wall sidings and floor applications. It is made of special cellulose fibers and is developed with Firm & Flex Technology, which makes it strong, durable and elastic. It comes in a variety of sizes and thickness for various applications and designs, which inspires consumers with their design ideas for both exterior and interior creative decoration. The Smartwood is SCG’s fiber-cement wood substitute option, which offers the beauty of natural wood while providing the superior strength and durability of cement.

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